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Post by Ananova on Thu Jan 08, 2015 5:27 am

About Warsong City :
Warsong City is an old instance;that means a squad of max 6 players can enter together in this instance.It consists of 5 elemental pavilions.These are Metal,Earth,Fire,Wood and Water.There are 2 phases of completing full warsong.First phase includes defending the pavilions from wraith attack and 2nd phase includes killing the bosses.
The bosses in warsong city drop warsong emblems,warsong medals and genie exp cubes.Vile edition of the bosses drop the molds for nirvana and rank9 3rd recast equipments.But only the Vile of last boss (Vile:The Incacerate) drops molds for R9 3rd recast and nirvana 3rd recast weapons and Essence of Offences.After killing a normal boss,squad leader can talk to ‘The Attendant’ to spawn the Vile edition of that boss.Don't change the lead during killing the Vile bosses or the quest will fail and noone will get Basic Badge.

Making Squad :
A full squad of 6 players is a must for completing full warsong.Squad must have tank,healer and good damage dealing members.For example a squad may be like the following-
Tank:- Barbarian.
Healer:- Cleric.
DDs:- Assassin,Blademaster,Archer,Seeker.
It’s just an example.Venomance,wizard,psychic they all are good if they know what to do.
Warsong City resets after 4 hours.

Note- For success in full warsong it is necessary for all the squad members to be well geared and well refined.

Necessary Items:
1.HP and MP potions.
2.HP and MP charm (if possible).
3.Apothecary pots (if possible).

Starting Warsong City:
Once all are inside the instance the squad leader can talk to the NPC ‘Ginring’ to start the battle.Leader must have 12 mirrage celestones with him to aquire the quest.Talk to the NPC and take the quest ‘Start the battle for warsong’ and after that choose the 3rd option from the NPC.Every squad member then should get ‘Gem of Dark Lord’ which confirms the success of the quest.

First Phase-Defending Pavilions:
Time Limit-15 minutes.

After taking the quest the squad has 2 minutes to reach the pavilions of warsong city to protect the incarnations,located in the 5 pavilions of warsong city,from incoming wraiths’(mobs,lvl 95) attack.Talk to Warsong Gatekeeper to choose the pavilion you want to go.Read the red texts for information of the mobs.Each pavilion has different types of mobs.Also in each pavilion there is a ‘Hexhead Rider(lvl ?)’ and several ‘Flamefist Thralls(lvl ?,immune to damage)’.The rider should be lured away from the incarnation while the thralls must be avoided at any cost.So squad must decide carefully who goes to protect which pavilion.Here are the description of the pavilions-

Pavilion of wood:-Melee mobs that casts several buffs on themselves (bramble,reduce physical damage taken,concentrate,increased defense,increased physical attack etc.).Any good assassin or blademaster can solo this pavilion.The mobs here sometimes explode when they die causing a 80-90% damage of your max HP.This happens when they say ‘Let’s die together’.It can cause instant death if you are running a bit low in HP.So keep distance when they say it.Also when they cast bramble,avoid hitting them because the bramble is too powerful.It's a small pavilion so be careful.

Pavilion of earth:- Easiest pavilion.Melee mobs that cast buffs on themselves.Long pavilion makes this easier.Generally assassin,blademaster or barbarian can solo it.If barbarian has problem then he can duo it with anyone.Some mobs here also explodes when they die.

Pavilion of metal:- Tough and small pavilion.Ranged attack mobs.They also cast buffs and might explode.A melee DD cannot be able to do this pavilion because mobs will always try to run away.Have an archer or a ranged DD solo this pavilion.Wizard,psychic or venomancer can easily solo this pavilion.

Pavilion of fire:- Easiest pavilion for a ranged DD.Long pavilion.Mobs are ranged and they can cast buffs.They also may explode.Any ranged DD can solo this pavilion with ease.Even a good cleric can solo it.

Pavilion of water:- May be the hardest pavilion to defend.Three times the mobs compared to other pavilion come here.Mobs here can cast purge on player often.They also cast buffs on themselves.A seeker is good for this pavilion.Again a good blademaster or wizard can solo it.

Tips- When the mobs started coming in each pavilion you need to hit the Hexhead Rider to catch it's aggro.Then you can start killing the incoming mobs.The rider moves very slowly so you should be able to avoid it.Keep hitting the rider on regular interval so that it can’t reset.You can also stun,slow,freeze or sleep the rider.Just make sure the rider doesn't get too close to you (it hits very hard and take significantly less damages).After killing all mobs in the pavilion simply jump off the pavilion.It will take you to the starting area.

Changes - As per PWI:New Horizons the Hexhead Rider is now equipped with a new ability called 'Spitting'.When it casts spitting on you,a green circle pops up below your position.The circle deals damage over time (from 2k-5k depending on your gears) as long as you stay on it.Simply leave the circle as quickly as you can to avoid fatal damages.

Important- To face the last boss ‘The Incacerate’ it is mandatory that all the five incarnations in the 5 pavilions be saved and none of the pavilion has a score of 0(zero).That means if you can't kill all the mobs in a pavilion but protect the incarnation from being destroyed by the mobs you will still face the last boss.Just be sure your pavilion score is not 0.The score for each pavilion is capped at 180 (90mobs X 2 points for water pavilion and 30mobs X 6 points for others).So you can score 900 maximum if you manage to kill all mobs in all pavilions.However you also need a combined score of 800+ to face the last boss,so always track your scores.You can view the scores on each pavilion by pressing Q and selecting the quest "Protect Clearstream".

Second Phase-Killing The Bosses :
Time Limit: Until the instance resets.

At the starting area talk to Warsong Gatekeeper to go to ‘The Heart of the City’.From here you can go to any pavilion by killing all the mobs on the way.The mobs will spawn after 1-2 minutes.Before killing the boss at any pavilion,all the mobs on the way must be killed.If even one mob survives and you engage the boss before killing it,the boss will hit for 50k in his each hit (that means squad wipeout).

Pavilion of metal:- Mobs in this pavilion are dinos,blades and runners.Dinos do aoe magic attack,blades can seal and runners seal almost every time.It’s a small pavilion so mobs wont be a problem.Just be careful of the sacrificial attack dinos.Boss in this pavilion is Snakefist Guardian.It’s a pretty strong boss.It does aoe magic attack often which increases with time.Cleric should cast Regeneration Aura (Blue Bubble/BB) and barbarian should tank.Assassin can tank too but he needs to be careful a lot.This boss can easily one shot any squishy member.Vile:Snakefist Guardian is quite straight-forward.But it can transform players into frogs,casts aura that absorbs healing and stuns often.So cleric should BB in a distance to avoid stuns.It drops Nirvana and R9 3rd recast boot molds.

Pavilion of earth:- Mobs here can cast immobilization on player.So for safety many mobs should not be pulled together.Boss in this pavilion is Shadowskull Lich.It’s more like General Wurlord in Twilight Temple.You need to kill it 4 times.Each time it dies,several mobs spawns at boss’ location.After you kill the mobs the boss reappears.Vile:Shadowskull Lich is quite simple too except it does a fairly large amount of melee damage.It drops R9 3rd recast belt molds and Nirvana 3rd recast helmet and cape molds.

Pavilion of fire:- Mobs here do aoe fire attacks and interrupts skills.So killing them in small groups might be necessary.Boss in this pavilion is Cannonfist Orclord.It does massive melee damage to aggro holder,hence barbarian should tank this boss.If you take a bit more time to kill the boss,it will pause for few seconds and launch a massive AOE mana drain.Even a cleric with a mana charm can face trouble at this point.So squad members should be aware if the BB drops.Vile:Cannonfist Orclord starts with a buff of increased physical attack.Barbarian needs to hold the boss until his buff wears off or a venomancer can purge the boss if the squad has one or player can use any weapon with a chance to purge hoping it will trigger on boss.Once the buff is gone he can be killed quite easily.It drops R9 and Nirvana 3rd recast bracer molds.

Pavilion of water:- Mobs here are maids,ghouls etc.Maids should be killed first because they can inflict a water DOT bubble on player that does massive damage.Mobs in this pavilion are the toughest.So killing each group of mobs individually might be required.Boss in this pavilion is Obscure Reaper.It can cause AOE seal,freeze and water DOT on players.Also it does a fairly good amount of melee damage.Ranged aggro on this boss should be avoided as then it will cast seal and water DOT very often on players.Vile: Obscure Reaper stuns all squad members as soon as it spawns.The stun remains for quite a long but it can be dodged by tripple sparking or using Absolute Domain genie skill.Barbarian should tank this boss for safety.It drops R9 and Nirvana 3rd recast leggings molds.

Pavilion of wood:- Mobs here are magus,araneids etc.They can cast slow and extreme poison on players.So pulling few mobs might help avoiding any trouble.Boss here is Pestilent Destroyer.He does good amount of melee damage so for safety barbarian should hold the aggro.He can also cast seal.Vile: Pestilent Destroyer can be a tough boss if squad takes more time to kill it.As soon as it spawns it casts Reduce Max HP on close ranged players (60-70% reduction I guess) which should be purified by tripple sparking.It can also cast purge on any random player(mostly aggro holder).Often it’s aggro resets and at that time he intends to stun and hit the cleric.So cleric should BB here and be prepared for any incoming danger.This boss drops R9 and Nirvana 3rd recast chestplate molds.

Note- Mobs in the pavilion cast various skills (positive skills on themselves,negative skills on players) like occult ice,dissolve,extreme poison,tangling mire,wind shield,elemental weekness etc.(all are genie skills)Almost every bosses cast enrage and goes frenzy.

Changes - Mobs in pavilion of metal can now knockback players.Snakefist Guardian now summons a group of small dinos (Tunneldigger Thrall) around a random player.The dinos are not that dangerous,just a couple of AOEs should wipe them off.Cannonfist Orclord has some changes if you take long time to kill it.(I could not figure it out because in our case he died fairly quickly)

Mobless warsong boss run - It's a new trend of doing full warsong which involves skipping the pavilion mobs and killing the boss directly.It's a very quick way to farm badges and molds.You can face 5 bosses or 6 bosses depending on your choice of saving the pavilions (1st phase).Anyway the 5 bosses in each pavilion are the main challenge in mobless warsong.Remember though your squad needs to be very powerful and balanced to be successful.So make your squad accordingly.Here I will just try to explain how I did it with my faction squads.
After the 1st phase teleport to the pavilion of fire before the pavilion mobs spawn.Make the cleric cast Regeneration Aura (BB) at a safe place away from other mobs and lure the boss into it.As you didn't kill the pavilion mobs,the boss will enter rampage mode hitting 50k each hit and purging aggro holder.So make sure the aggro holder has immunity potions/pills and Absolute Domain ready.Also time the tripple spark accordingly to get some extra seconds of immunity.By using genie skills and sparks perfectly you can have upto 7-10 seconds of immunity whereas using potions/pills with them can grant you upto 20 seconds of immunity.This should be enough to take down the boss.Just keep in mind that timing is paramount here.So if the aggro holder misses by slightest margin,that could end up being a squad-wipe.Also the bosses aggro tends to reset sometimes,so other members must be careful of it too.
After killing the boss,jump off the pavilion and use the NPC to teleport to pavilion of earth.Again timing is needed here.Make someone count to 3 and teleport altogether.Keep immunity skills ready so that the boss can't one-shot you.After killing the 1st Shadowskull Lich,the rest of his forms will act normal so you won't have problem killing them.
After it again jump off and wait at the teleport NPC.Make the assassins go to heart of the city and from there near the Snakefist Guardian boss (using invisibility of course).Assassins should kill the group of mobs near the boss' location.Then when the boss moves to the far end he/they will tell others to teleport.When everyone gets there,kill the boss like others.
Next the assassins should go through the pavilion of wood to Pestilent Destroyer.The boss wanders in a circle here,so when he is far from the pavilion mobs tell everyone to teleport from the NPC.After killing him assassins need to go to the last pavilion that is the pavilion of water.Kill the last group of mobs near the boss' location.Obscure Reaper also circles in an area but the circle is quite small.So when he moves far be quick to teleport or if you catch aggro try to jump off the pavilion and try again.When the group is assembled kill the boss by methods described above.
After all the bosses are killed,use the NPC at the last pavilion to teleport to The Incacerate.

Last Boss-The Incacerate:
After killing all the bosses a NPC will appear at your last pavilion (or it may appear at the end of each pavilion,I am not sure) with the quest ‘Confront Incacerate’ with him.Take this quest and you will be teleported to the incarcerate.You can also take this quest from Warsong Gatekeeper at the beginning of warsong city.This boss is probably the nastiest boss in whole PWI.It spawn lesser version of previous bosses as it’s HP goes down.If you don’t kill the spawns quickly,the squad will suffer massive debuffs and attacks from the boss.The minions and the consequences of killing them late are-
1.Withered Mummy - When you engage the boss – Seal and interrupts BB.
2.Octopus Headharvester - At around 4.6m HP of boss – Freeze,reduce attack speed and channeling speed of players.
3.Snakefist Judge - At around 3.6m HP of boss – Boss will become an APS monster(4 or 5 APS I guess).
4.Blazefist Orc - At around 2.4m HP of boss – AOE purge.
5.Storm Necromancer - At around 1.2m of boss – Boss goes frenzy and launches a massive AOE depending on how much time you take to kill the minion.
If you manage to kill the minions quickly then the boss will go easy.Else it might take like forever and even you could face squad wipeout.The tactic here is the barbarian holds the aggro;cleric casts BB and blademaster,assassin and other DDs be always prepare to kill the minions as soon as they appear.All the minions can cast reduce melee damage taken buff on them.A quick blademaster can stun them to prevent them from buffing.A ranged or mage DD is always useful in killing those minions.
Also when the boss goes APS or frenzy barbarian should hold the boss until it’s buff wears off.A veno can purge boss if the team has one or any member can use weapon with chance to purge and hope it will trigger soon on boss.
One addition to the new Sirens of War update was while killing The Incacerate,anytime 3 incarnations appear near the boss and you are told to kill them quickly so that the boss can't escape.The objective here is to kill only the incarnation that looks different among those 3.You have 60 seconds to do it.The incarnations are lvl 105 mobs so it won't be a problem killing the different one.But if you don't kill the different incarnation in 60 seconds the boss will disappear and you will fail.If you kill the wrong incarnation you will be given another chance to kill the right one after a while.
Previously The Incacerate dropped Warsong Waistband Inscriptions (tradable) but after the update it now drops Warsong Inscriptions (untradable).The warsong belts made from these untradable inscriptions are also untradable.
Vile: The Incacerate is quite easy.It does nothing too scary except it almost always has an increased physical defence buff on itself.Cleric should BB and squad member can kill it easily.It drops R9 and Nirvana 3rd recast weapon molds and Essence of Offence.

NPC-Non Playing Character.
DD-Damage Dealer.
AOE-Area of Effect.
DOT-Damage Over Time.
HP-Hit Point.
APS-Attack Per Second.

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