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Post by Ananova on Thu Jan 08, 2015 5:30 am

Q1. Where do I go to reincarnate?

A1. Follow the purple quest that says to go to General Summer. It will lead you to the Master of Cycles NPC. There you will receive the item and means to reincarnate.

Q2. What are the stat point bonuses for each level?


100 = 20
101 = 25
102 = 32
103 = 42
104 = 56
105 = 76

Q3. Will I be able to wear my gear?

A3. Yes provided that you have the stat points statted or gained through other gear to wear it. Capes/necks/belts/rings/tome and r8/r8r armor will be available at level 1.

Q4. Will I keep all of my sage/demon skills and morai skills?

A4. Yes.

Q5. What are the requirements for first reincarnation?

A5. Level 100 and 89 culti completed.

Q6. If I reincarnate at level 100/101/102/103/104, will I permanently lose out on the extra stat points?

A6. No.

Q7. How do I get them then?

A7. When you hit level 100 again, you will be able to dump all of your new exp into your old character via the Ancient Tome and thus retroactively level that character to 105. The Ancient Tome records your current progress towards whichever level you were when you reincarnated.

Extended answer for people that really don't understand the above for whatever reason:

Originally Posted by DarkSkiesx - Dreamweaver
So upon reawakening the system records your current level, your current exp (every single xp) and then you are reawakened back to level one with the bonus stats from the table above as unallocated stat points.

This recording of info is held in a tab under your character info with an interface called an ancient tome. This allows you to summon/un summon a exp holder upon reaching level 100. Whilst summoned all the exp you gain collects there rather than being added to your character.

Lets say you were 103 and had needed 50m exp to level to 104 and at that point you reawakened. The tome will remember this and when you get back to lvl 100 you simply summon the tome (exp feed mode) do fc/pv whatever accumulate 50m exp into this summoned tome and can then edit your previous historic lvl to 104, which consumes the 50m exp into your historic lvl releasing the stat bonus for 104, i.e you will get 14 unallocated stat points to use as you wish when you do that.

In conclusion. It makes no difference, there is zero reason to wait to reach a certain level. There is no way to loose out on stat points. With historic leveling everyone can obtain max stat points. detail explanation for the people that still. do. not. get. it.:

Originally Posted by Darkskiesx - Dreamweaver
Ok so I guess an*l detail will only suffice. Very well. Step by step. If you don't all get it by the end of this please uninstall lol.

100 = 20
101 = 25 (5)
102 = 32 (7)
103 = 42 (10)
104 = 56 (14)
105 = 76 (20)

Expansion arrives.
I am 103. I need 50m exp to lvl 104.

System records my 103 with 50m to go. RA1 is 103
I go to lvl 1 with the 103 stat bonus (42) as unallocated points and 5 vit mag dex and str.

Lvl back to 100 (gain 5 points per lvl) Ancient tome access unlocked. Summon demon. All exp is now going into ancient tome.

Gain 50m exp from PV. Open ancient tome edit old character to 104. Gain 14 extra stat points as unallocated. RA1 is now 104.

Reawaken 2nd time. Go back to lvl 1. RA1 is 104. RA2 is 100. So I get as unallocated points bonus for 104 and 100. I.e. 56 + 20 = 76 unallocated stat points with 5 dex str vit mag.

Lvl back up to 100 (gaining 5 points per level like always).

Now I can summon demon. Gain exp. I need to gain 1.7bn exp to get my RA1 to 105. 66m to lvl my RA2 to 101.

So I summon demon collect 66m go to edit my RA2 to 101. Releasing the 5 points (that i would have got ontop of the 20 had I reawakened the second time at 101 instead of 100.

I then unsummon demon. Lvl my current character to 101 and get 5 points as you normally would.

Now I have a choice. Lvl my current character or my RA1 or RA2. I'll go with RA2 here as going from 101-102 there will give me 7 stat points. Instead of the normal 5 I get from current lvl. For the same xp. So I summin demon. Collect 267m xp over a few days. Once I have collected that much I edit RA2 to 102, relessing 7 unallocated stat points.

-RA1 is 104 (need to collect 1.7bn xp)
-RA2 is 102 (need to collect 535m xp)
-current lvl is 101. (Need 267m to lvl)

So options. 267m xp for 5 stat points or 535m xp for 10 stat points. Either works. But I'll lvl current toon for the 5 sooner. Un summon demon ancient tome thing. Go fc pv. Lvl get 5 stat points.

Now summon demon go fc pv collect 535m xp and edit RA2 to 103. Releasing 10 stat points as unallocated.

Now hmm RA1 or RA2. I'll go RA1 so go fc pv for a month or two qq and edit this to 105. Releases 20 stat points!

Now do the same for RA2 go from 103 to 104 (gain 14 stat points) and the to 105 (gain 20)

Lastly un summon demon and lvl my current lvl to 105, getting 5 points per lvl.

Do all that in WHATEVER order you like, reawaken at WHATEVER lvl you want. In the end. You will get lvl 105 (5 stat points per lvl) with two historic lvls (RA1 & RA2) of 105 so a bonus 76 + 76=152 stat points to use where you like.

I personally will be ~920dex
Q8. How do I access the Ancient Tome?

A8. Go to your character info screen (hit C) and click the Ancient Tome tab at the bottom.

Q9. What exp items work?


Level 1- Fantasy Fruit, Celestial Tiger/Nien/New Years event packs, Trophy mode books with the exception of SoT/Aba (these scale off of level so you are much better off waiting until you are almost 100 again to use them), Profundity Scrolls

Level 10- Scarlet Fruit

Level 20- Merit Badges

Level 70- Brainpower Orbs obtained after this expansion went live (these scale off of level now so you're better off using when near 100)

Level 80- Orders of Blessing

Level 95- Experience Jades from Morai orders, Drunk Lotus Pills from EU

As a note, Brainpower Orbs and Orbs of Cultivation from BHes prior to the update do not work after reincarnation. Elemental Essences from Morai CS cannot be used until 100.

Q10. Do quests reset?

A10. Apparently not.

Q11. Will culti reset at all?

A11. No.

Q12. When can I use my veno pets again?

A13. Around level 60-65 for level 100 pets.

Q13. How many times can I reincarnate?

A13. This is currently capped at 2 times.

Q14. What about the second reincarnation?

A14. You need to reach Arcane Sky VI to get the page to craft the item to second reincarnate. In order to do that, you must do the quests and dailies in the Primal World and obtain Vitae to level your Boundary to Arcane Sky VI. Current progress can be viewed in the character info screen under your character portrait once the proper requisites have been fulfilled.

You will also receive extra stat points again depending on your level when you do the second reincarnation. Example: If you reincarnated the first time at level 105 and then reincarnate again at level 101, you will receive 101 extra stat points (76+25) at level 1 on your second reincarnation.

Aster has posted a video guide here:

Q15. How do I obtain Vitae?

Q15. Do the dailies and quests in the Primal World and do BH2 after you hit 100. The first and second set of guild base trials also have a chance of giving vitae.

Alternatively, you can CS it, but you are limited to 800 extra vitae a day assuming you do the level 80 daily and BH2 as well.

Q16. What are the vitae dailies in the Primal World?


1. Assault on Sky Owl - 50+ - 250 vitae - Started at Resistance Force Spy at 348, 469
2. Defending Green - 80+ - 350 vitae - Started at Green Wood Heart Guardian at 324, 543
3. Raccoon Alliance - 100+ - 250 vitae - Started at Raccoon Bamboo Chief at 375, 506
4. Rescue Raccoon - 100+ - 250 vitae - Started at Raccoon Guard at 363, 559
5. Provision Convoy - 50+ - 100 vitae - Started at the Provision Convoy NPC in Story Mode. Will randomly appear after someone finishes the Assault on Sky Owl quest. Make sure to turn in before it disappears in Kirin Town.
6. Liu Soo's Plea - 100+ and Mirage Sky I - 250 vitae - Started at Queen Liu Soo at 336, 567
7. Heroic Warsong - 100+ and Mirage Sky I - 250 vitae - Started at Melancholy Soldier at 383, 625
8. Strangeness in the Snow - 1+ and Mirage Sky X - 400 vitae - Started at Explorer at 442, 557

Q17. Is the second rebirth yellow quest chain broken?

A17. This has since been fixed. Enjoy.

Q18. How do I get Mirage Sky?

A18. Your server must hit 100% on the Boundary stage and you have to be second reincarnated.

Q19. How do I get Astral Sky?

A19. You must max out Mirage Sky X. Then you will receive a pop-up the next time you enter Primal World to go see Astral Sky Envoy in Kirin Town. Talk to him and you will ascend to Astral Sky I.

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