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Post by Ananova on Thu Jan 08, 2015 5:33 am

Quick Q&A

What is the War Avatar system?
In essence, you collect cards through various means and equip said cards to gain bonuses such as more attack, more defence, more stat points, more spirit etc.

How do you collect cards?
Currently known ways of collecting cards are:

- Reawakening quest chain "Deja Vu" that starts with General Summer (521 629 in Archosaur) after you reawaken. Follow the quest chain to receive packs that reward you with a random grade C card. The quest will also give you packs with a chance for a grade B card. A continuation of the quest will appear upon reawakening a second time.

- New daily quest "Assault on Sky Owl" inside Primal World (Sky Owl Stronghold area, NPC will teleport you there, 349 469 Resistance Force Spy) available for lvl 50+.

- New instance inside Primal World, Flowsilver Palace. Exchange rewards for packs that contain a random card. NPC is located in Kirin Town (Primal World) at 380 467. Requires lvl100+ and be reawakened. Guide to the instance.

- New event, Sunset Valley Bloody Battle. Runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 19:00-20:00 server time. Requires lvl100+ and be reawakened. Event doesn't work and don't know if it ever will. More information can be found here.

- Boutique item, War Avatar Treasure Box. Costs 4 gold.

- New daily quest from Chill of Luneska content update.
Mirrorflower Daily. Sky Pirate Drake will appear in Primal World at random times and random places. There is a system message that hints when the boss has spawned. Whoever finds the boss can attack him to activate a portal that teleports them in a small instance. More information about it can be found here.

- Astral Sky quest line rewards you with card packs at certain points. You also get card packs as unique rewards for reaching certain Astral Sky levels.

- Various promotions and events that pop from time to time.

More information on Primal World dailies here.

Should I bother with it?
It's optional but the cards will improve your character a lot. If you get a good set of cards your defence/attack/spirit is boosted. You'll be unable to compete with other people if you neglect it, at least as far as PvP is concerned.

Do I need to reawaken in order to use the cards?
You don't need to reawaken in order to use the War Avatar system. Your cards will not disappear if you reawaken. However, if you don't reawaken you won't have access to free card packs from dailies/chain quest.

Wait, what is reawakening?! Check Eoria's FAQ.

What is this "Spirit" attribute you're talking about?
See this post by Asterelle. It works for both PvP and PvE but the damage increase in PvE is less than in PvP. It's PvP oriented. It's somewhat like Attack/Defence levels.

War Avatar Calculator

Click! Provided by Asterelle.

The basics
In order to access the War Avatar window open your bag and click on the War Avatar button. Once you open the window you will see something like this without cards.

Now let's observe the window. You will see six empty slots. You can equip cards on those slots, one card per slot. Also, each slot offers different bonuses.

Destroyer slot: Physical + Magical Attack
Battle slot: Physical + Magical Attack
Longevity slot: Health + Physical Defense
Durability slot: Health + Magical Defense
Soulprime slot: Spirit
Lifeprime slot: Spirit

If you put your mouse over a card you will see something like this. As you can see the card says "Type Battle" therefore you should equip it on the Battle slot. You can equip the cards in any slot you wish but you won't receive the card's full bonus if you do so. You will receive the base stats of said slot but you won't get any additional bonuses (blue adds on the cards or leveled up bonuses). Each card type should be equipped to the corresponding slot for best results if possible. See additional notes.

If you equip a card, you can un-equip it. They work like gear pieces.

The cards
List of cards and their add-ons. The database is lacking in information though.

There are currently over 200 available cards to play around with. In order to check them out, access your War Avatar window and click the bottom right button "War Avatar Book". You'll see something like this. It seems that you can only check the stats of cards you have acquired previously using the book.

In order to find your cards, click the bottom right button "War Avatar Bag" to see something like this. Cards will automatically be placed in the bag. You can drag & drop cards from the War Avatar Bag to your inventory and vice versa.

Card levels.
Cards come in grades. The currently known grades are C, B, A, S and S+ from weakest to strongest. It is not known if S+ cards are available in the game. Every other card exists as far as I know.

Apart from that, cards have levels which you can level up yourself. Leveling a card up will increase its base stats (attack or defence/HP or spirit) but it does not affect additional bonuses (displayed in blue letters).

In order to level up a card you will have to make the card devour ("eat") another card. The devour button is at the bottom center of your War Avatar window. Select the card you want level up by simply clicking on the card slot or your equipped card. Have your War Avatar Bag open and click the Devour button. Once you do it, your cursor will change shape. Simply select the cards that you wish to get devoured by clicking on them. Devoured cards will disappear. You cannot feed higher level cards to lower level cards.
You can also choose to make a card devour a War Avatar Box (the box that contains a random card).

Currently there's an issue/bug with devouring S cards. More information here.

Miscellaneous information: sets, stats, multipliers.
Some cards have a "set bonus". Just like gear, collect all cards and equip them to get the set bonus. Unfortunately all the current known methods of acquiring cards is random so you need luck to get all the cards of one set. Check this thread for a compilation of card set bonuses. It's generally better to opt for sets. Card sets increase the (white) stats of the cards.

When you are checking a card out, it will display your own class at "Current class" regardless of which class is using the card.

Cards are bound to the character. They cannot be traded or account stashed. You can't drop or trade cards either.

Some card stat multipliers are affected by the class using it. Sincelere and Asterelle give a good explanation here and here.

Reawakening cards.
Cards can be reawakened. This can be done at the War Avatar Master NPC in Kirin Town, Primal World.

When a card has reached max level you can consume another card (must be exactly the same, a duplicate) to reawaken your max leveled card. Just like characters, a reawakened card will go back to level 1 but its base stats and growth will be higher. If you want to reawaken a card for the second time, you'll have to feed it a reawakened card (a duplicate). In total you will need 4 cards to fully reawaken one.

A card can be reawakened two times. The first reawakening will offer 130% of base stats and the second will offer 160% of base stats.

Here's a detailed post about the reawakening: Click! and a video link here!

Card Leadership.
Each character starts with 10 base Leadership. Read Asterelle's post to know more about Leadership and how it affects card usage.

In general, the cards have a set amount of leadership required in order to be equipped. For example if you equip six C cards that all require "Leadership 1" you will have to use 6 points out of 10 from your Leadership to equip them.

Higher grade cards will typically require higher leadership. The amount of leadership is not grade exclusive though and it may vary among cards of the same grade and same type. The minimum leadership a card can have is 1 and the maximum leadership a card can have is 3. More notes here.

Overall, the better cards you get, the more leadership you'll need so you'll have to eventually increase your leadership. To do this, you'll have to buy War Avatar Cataclysts from the boutique (currently the only way of acquiring them) and talk to the War Avatar Master NPC in Kirin Town, Primal World.

The amount of Cataclysts required to increase leadership depends on the current amount of your leadership. You need 10 to increase it to 11, you need 20 to increase it to 12, you need 30 to increase it to 13 and so on.

The Nuema
If you open your War Avatar window you will notice on the left side a thing that is called "Nuema". The Nuema grants you additional bonuses. Different card slots will offer different kinds of Nuema. The Nuema themselves have nothing to do with the War Avatar cards. Nuema and War Avatars are two different things.

Destroyer slot: Physical + Magical Attack Nuema
Battle slot: Physical + Magical Attack Nuema
Longevity slot: Health + Physical Defense Nuema
Durability slot: Health + Magical Defense Nuema
Soulprime slot: Spirit Nuema
Lifeprime slot: Spirit Nuema

Nuema bonuses of attack, HP, defence and spirit are class based. Check this and this to learn about the Nuema stats and multipliers.

Nuema levels.
Nuema levels are called "Tiers". There are currently 7 Nuema Tiers and each one of them has a level requirement.

Tier 1 - Lvl 1 / 450 nuema exp required
Tier 2 - Lvl 20 / 1100 nuema exp required
Tier 3 - Lvl 45 / 2000 nuema exp required
Tier 4 - Lvl 60 / 3200 nuema exp required
Tier 5 - Lvl 80 / 4900 nuema exp required
Tier 6 - Lvl 95 / 7000 nuema exp required
Tier 7 - Lvl 101 / 9900 nuema exp required

Each Nuema Tier will increase the bonus as seen here.

In order to level up your Nuema Tier you will have to farm Nuema orbs.

Nuema Orbs - What are they and how do you get them?
Every day the server will select random bosses that will drop Nuema orbs. Open your War Avatar window and select the bottom right button Nuema Listings to access this window.

List of bosses that drop Nuema Orbs:

Thromb the Mighty - Fire Crag Grotto
Rend Razorjaw - Den of Rabid Wolves
Poison Tail Occultist - Cave of the Vicious
Qingzi - Secret Passage
Farren Sereneti - Gate of Delirium
Calcid of the Flame - Gate of Delirium
Hercule Trioc - Gate of Delirium
Fushma - Secret Frostcover Grounds (Lv50)
Ranker - Secret Frostcover Grounds (Lv50)
Myriadtail Wyvern - Secret Frostcover Grounds (Lv50)
Zimo - Valley of Disaster
Qianji - Valley of Disaster
Raving Drake Brute - Valley of Disaster
Ofotis - Valley of Disaster
Gluttonix - Valley of Disaster
Resentful Pyrosteosis - Wrathgate
Damned Garunob - Wrathgate
Cenequus Polearm - Wraithgate
Stygean Quartermaster - Hallucinatory Trench
Linus, the Woeful - Hallucinatory Trench
Brigand Transient - Hallucinatory Trench

Each boss with drop an Origin Orb with a chance to drop an Essense Orb. However, it's not exactly a drop. Once you kill the boss a peculiar spirit will appear. Click on the spirit to select it and absorb the orb. The orb will automatically go into your inventory and it's bound. Right click the orb and your Nuema will automatically receive EXP.

Essence Orbs give triple the EXP of Origin Orbs.
If you use high tier orbs on a low tier Nuema, the EXP will be nerfed (by half according to the PWI news).

Each orb has a Nuema type but the orbs dropped are a random type therefore you cannot choose which Nuema to level up.

Additionally you can only get one orb per boss kill so your best bet is to solo the bosses. If you kill a boss in a squad and all the squad members attempt to absorb the spirit for the orb, only one single member will receive the orb randomly.

You can absorb only up to 20 orbs per week. The limit resets every Friday-night/Saturday-morning (in other words Friday night at midnight server time). Access the Nuema Listing window to check your orb limit (at the top).

"General strategy to farm nuema for early level (from tier 0 to tier 3), is to wait the day that quinzi shows up on the nuema listing and spam the instance (use an alt to reset). BH29 is the fastest instance that can be spam effectively because of its tiny size (2min per run). Comparatively, fb19's take forever just to get to the boss." by Magnanimous_ - Heavens Tear

Also read Sinclere's mini Nuema guide.

War Avatar unique quest
Inside Primal World, at Kirin Town, you will find the War Avatar master. This NPC has 3 unique gifts for you.

If you collect 10 C cards, talk to the NPC to receive a free B card. The cards will not be consumed but they are required in order to receive the free card. Likewise, you if you have 10 B cards you can receive a free A card. If you have 10 A cards you can receive a free S card. This is a one-time only quest.

When you have enough cards you can talk to the NPC and select the quest. The cards have to be in your inventory or your War Avatar bag. Cards that are equipped count too. After you talk to the NPC, he will check your inventory, bag and equipment to see if you have 10 cards of the grade he asks. If you do, he will give you a chest.

The cards are not consumed. Taking this quest will not make your cards disappear. The cards must be in your inventory, War Avatar quest bag or equipped. Cards that have been devoured do not count.

Final notes
According to the War Avatar NPC in Kirin Town, you can also turn in an S grade card and transform it into an War Avatar Artifact that will mature into an Emperor Soul. Could this be the way to make S+ cards? I have no more information on it.

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